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Key Do’s-and-Don’ts for Your New Teen-Drivers

Your 1st Teen’s Drivers License – 5 Helpful Tips for Anxious Parents

At Howes Insurance Group, we understand the anxiety that comes with your first child getting their license. What does this do to my insurance costs? Should we buy a 3rd car? What if my child gets in an accident? Don’t worry…..

Here are 5 tips to help give you peace of mind and manage costs.

  1. Supplement Driver’s Education with Advanced Driving Schools
    This is a great way to give you peace of mind that your child can handle emergency driving situations, plus many insurance companies provide discounts to offset some of the costs – typically around $300.
  2. Increase Your Deductibles – Save Big on Premiums
    We encourage you to take on as high a deductible as you can afford, to offset the higher premiums associated with adding a teenager to your policy.
  3. Do We Really Need That 3rd Car?
    The best way to save money is to add your child to one of your existing cars. If that 3rd car is necessary, best to place the car under your name and add your child to your existing policy, rather than having a separate policy for your teen. Also make sure to assign your teen to your least expensive car to save $$.
  4. Protect Your Family Assets- Consider an Umbrella Policy for Peace of Mind
    The reality is statistically teens cause more accidents, and one lawsuit can risk a lifetime’s worth of wealth accumulation. We strongly urge you to consider an umbrella policy to match your net worth. They are inexpensive and again, gives you peace of mind during the teen driving years.
  5. Is Your Teenager a Good Student? Good Grades Equal Good Discounts
    Most insurance carriers offer discounts for students with B grades (or higher) and/or honor roll students. Call us and we can help determine what discounts might be available.

If you have ANY questions – please don’t hesitate to call us at 978-369-0677 or email us at At Howes Insurance Group, we’re here to give you one less thing to worry about!


Greg Howes – President